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Q&A with Jimmy Wales & Lord Puttnam, closing session LWF11

A unique audience question and answer session to bring the London 2011 LWF Festival to a close with Lord David Puttnam and Jimmy Wales discussing learning and technology.

Facilitated by Learning Without Frontiers founder, Graham Brown-Martin


Lord David Puttnam, LWF Talk, London 2011

Embracing disruption for a better learning future

Lord David Puttnam of Queensgate spent thirty years as an independent film producer with many award winning films including Chariots of Fire, Bugsy Malone, Midnight Express and the Memphis Belle. Retiring from film production in 1998 he has focused his work in education and the environment.

In this inspiring talk Lord Puttnam discusses the future of the creative and digital industries, the importance of ensuring  our learners are equipped for this future and makes a call to action for a positive new disruption that leads to radically improved learning and global access.


Stephen Heppell, LWF Talk, London 2011

The purpose of learning, the challenges of the future

Stephen Heppell is a globally renowned learning consultant and visionary. In this talk he reminds us of why we learn, the purpose, objective and how we may leverage the abundant technologies of the 21st century to drive positive improvements and new practice across the whole of society.


Keri Facer, MMU, LWF Talk, London 2011

Beyond the horizon for learning

Keri Facer is Professor of Education at the Education and Social Research Institute and the Manchester Metropolitan University where she specialises in digital cultures, social justice and radical educational change. In her talk she discusses where she believes education maybe heading and the challenges it faces to meet the future needs of its learners.

Formerly Research Director at Futurelab, Keri led the Beyond Current Horizons Programme for the UK government looking at long term socio-technical change and its implications for education. Keri’s new book 'Learning Futures: Education, technology and social change' will be published in March 2011. She is now working on co-operative education models and digital technologies with a view to rethinking the economic model underlying education.


Abdul Chohan, Essa Academy, LWF Talk, London 2011

1:1 mobile device deployment in a school

Abdul Chohan, Director, Essa Academy discusses the impact and results of school wide 1:1 deployment of iPod touch and iPad devices to every student and staff member.

Essa Academy is the first school in the UK to give out iPod touches to all students and staff. The Academy believes in allowing students to access information and deepen learning beyond the classroom.

The creativity that that has been inspired by the use of this technology has been amazing. Staff and students are able to have seamless communication that allows learning conversations to develop and feedback to be of a higher quality as well as being personalised.

The technology has been an enabler of transformation and has also contributed to our vision of the new build that has recently commenced.