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Stephen Heppell, LWF Talk, London 2011

The purpose of learning, the challenges of the future

Stephen Heppell is a globally renowned learning consultant and visionary. In this talk he reminds us of why we learn, the purpose, objective and how we may leverage the abundant technologies of the 21st century to drive positive improvements and new practice across the whole of society.


David Braben, Frontier, Learning Without Frontiers, London 2011

An end to boring ICT lessons in school?

David Braben, CEO of Frontier Developments and renowned creator of the original Elite 3D video game. David discusses the latest work of his Cambridge based studio and calls for better and more relevant teaching of ICT to foster new talent that already has an appetite for designing and creating games yet lack the skills or access to knowledge through current school or university ICT provision. He concludes that most learners find ICT lessons boring and in this talk announces a new low cost programming platform to engage learners in game programming.

Award-winning David Braben and his Cambridge based studio, Frontier Developments Ltd. is recognised worldwide as one of the leading innovators in videogame development technology and design. Frontier's most recent title 'LostWinds' released exclusively on Nintendo® WiiWare scooped many awards and received worldwide critical acclaim. The studio's rollercoaster based 'Thrillville', published by LucasArts in North America, was the best-selling original children's/family title in North America in 2006. Frontier's work on The Outsider promises to deliver yet another ground-breaking title and a number of gameplay firsts.

David is directing the development of several titles which all utilise the studio's sophisticated in-house toolchain. David is particularly well-known for co-writing the seminal game Elite, the first true 3D game which celebrates it's 25th anniversary in September 2009.


Jason DaPonte, The Swarm, LWF Talk, London

Mobile & mobile futures

Trends coming up that will be important in the next few years.

Jason DaPonte, Founder, The Swarm and former head of mobile content at the BBC presents his vision of the future for mobile technology and the impact on learning and society.


Evan Roth, Artist, LWF Talk, London 2011

Disruption in art, open-source technology and learning

Evan Roth, Artist, presents at the Learning Without Frontiers Festival of Learning & Technology. Evan demonstrates and explores disruption in art and open source technology.



David Bott, Technology Strategy Board, LWF Talk, London 2011

What can we learn from disruption?

What does disruption mean?

What will be the positive disruptor for learning?

David Bott, Director of Innovation Programmes, Technology Strategy Board presents at the Learning Without Frontiers Festival of Learning & Technology. David discusses the meaning of disruption and asks what might be the positive disruptor for the learning and education sector.