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Genevieve Shore, Pearson Plc, LWF Talk, London 2011

Is book publishing dead? Embracing digital disruption

Genevieve Shore is the Director of Digital Strategy for Pearson Plc and is responsible for their global strategy for digital technologies. Genevieve describes how she encourages Pearson to embrace the inevitable disruptions that the digital world brings to one of the worlds largest publishing companies and demonstrates how this is being achieved.


Language, Literacy & E-books, LWF Talk, London 2011

English as an additional language (EAL)

How a partnership between a digital publisher and educators approached the challenge presented by young learners in the London Borough of Lewisham for whom English is an additional language.

Featured speakers are Neal Hoskins, WingedChariot, with Tom Cooper and Jo Barclay from Lewisham Local Authority.

WingedChariot a pioneer in digital story publishing and Lewisham LA last year began a unique partnership on a project to fill a great gap in providing story based learning materials in a multilingual format for EAL and MFL classrooms.

With over 50 languages being spoken in many urban school programming a multilingual application in the top 10 community languages for students to use was an outstanding success.

The fantastic results and feedback from the initial pilot means that WingedChariot is pleased to announce today at LWF an expansion of this project into 6 schools across 3 London boroughs that will see more multilingual stories produced as well as a creative writing application for young people to tell and write their own stories through handheld devices.

Part funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Arts foundation in 2011 this simple but innovative project will also form part of the Cultural Olympiad celebration of 2012 with an eye to going national in schools for 2013.


James Huggins, Made in Me, LWF Talk, London 2011

Digital storytelling for young learners

James Huggins is the Managing Director of Made in Me, a multimedia publishing company that creates interactive games, books and toys to inspire young children to learn. The company has launched The Land of Me, an interactive picture book world where young children and adults can engage in a variety of creative activities including music composition and storytelling.


Theodore Gray, Wolfram Research, LWF Talk, London 2011

Are we ready for e-books?

Theodore Gray, Co-founder, Wolfram Research and author of best-selling iPad title, The Elements, presents at the Learning Without Frontiers Festival of Learning & Technology.